Bajaj Nomarks Herbal Scrub Soap 2.11 OZ (75 Grams)


New Bajaj Nomarks Herbal Scrub Soap is a unique blend of Organic Actives Enriched ingredients like Almonds, Oat Powder, Aloe Vera and other precious herbs. It loosens and removes dead cells to give healthy, glowing skin.

Get clear, glowing healthy skin

Daily usage and the exfoliating action of Bajaj Nomarks Herbal Scrub Soap deeply cleanse your skin and remove dead cells.

Oat powder removes dead skin cells.

Aloe Vera gently cleanses and moisturizes.

Almonds nourish and maintain the youthful lustre of the facial skin.

Manufactured By: Bajaj Corp Ltd
Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 2.11 OZ (75 Grams)
Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place
Package: Box

Weight 75.00 kg
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