Ayur Cucumber Face Pack 3.5 OZ (100 Grams)


Ayur Cucumber Face Pack 3.5 OZ

What Is The Benefit Of A Face Pack?
Face packs are being specially prepared for lifeless and very dim face complexions. The face packs wash away the dead cells from the face of users and give the face a glowing and eye-capturing fairness. They are very good for the useful conditioning of face, which makes the face skin soft, supple and healthy. The face masks are very good for tightening of face skin and their regular use helps the pores of skin to contract. The more the face pores will be in contracted form, the more the skin will look smooth and even. There are many face packs available in market, which have been prepared by using only natural ingredients in them. The main benefit of natural ingredients is that they never possess any harmful effect producing potential, for the soft and delicate skin of face. People are using face packs instead of other different kinds of beauty products because they are getting immense benefits from them. They are easy to use and they produce very good results in quite less time.
Cucumber In Face Pack:
Cucumber is a very well known vegetable because of its benefits for human health. It is widely used in those parts of the world, where the atmosphere is a bit more humid and warm. In summer season, people use it as an essential food item, with their regular meals. Its regular use eliminates the deficiency of water in body and it keeps the body cool from inside, thus helps the body in preventing it from heat. Cucumber is very good for the health of skin and because it keeps the body hydrated, so the face skin also face no deficiency of water, which is very necessary for its softness. Cucumber is also applied on the face skin, in various forms for keeping the face skin hydrated, fresh and soft. It very softly peels off all the dirt and dust particles, inside of the skin and makes it soft by doing effective conditioning of face skin.
Ayur Cucumber Face Pack:
Ayur company has introduced this face pack in market with a promise that its regular use will eliminate all major problems of users, regarding the health and beauty of their face skin. All the users are required to do, is to make sure its regular and uninterrupted use. Cucumber has been used in this face pack as a special ingredient, which is very helpful for the hydration of face skin cells. The main work of face packs is to do tightening and proper conditioning of face skin. The contents of cucumber, massively helps in good conditioning of face skin. Besides, this face pack is very good in providing the essential nutritious requirements to face skin, which results in very good fairness. The tightening of face skin is very necessary for the face to appear even, smooth and beautiful. This face pack does very comprehensively, the work of tightening of face skin and it does it by making the face skin pores to get contracted.
Benefits of Ayur Cucumber Face Pack:

Blend of natural Ingredients

Gives cooling effect to hot and red skin

Contains best Natural Cleanser Cucumber

Restores water level of skin

Anti-aging treatment by removing Wrinkles

It also controls oiliness of the skin

Method of Application:
Mix Cucumber Face Pack Powder with water to make a paste. Apply it on Face. Give it time to dry. After it dries, Wash your face with cold water.
Cucumber is also very effective in removing dead skin cells and dark circles around eye
Ayur Cucumber Face mask can also be used on neck
Manufactured By: Ayur Herbal
Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 3.5 OZ (100 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place
Package: Box

Weight 100.00 kg
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