Amir’s Kalonji Oil 1.01 Fl OZ (30 ML)


Amir’s Kalonji Oil – Pure Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Oil

What is Amir’s Kalonji Oil?

Amir’s Kalonji Oil is a dietary supplement that is made solely out of Nigella sativa seeds. A number of vegetable oils are considered to be beneficial to your health but black seed oil stands out for its scientifically proven benefits and its low toxicity.

Likely extracted using the cold pressing process, Amir’s Kalonji Oil allows you to reap the complete range of health benefits associated with black seed oil. This is because Amir’s Kalonji Oil is completely unadulterated and free of additives, preservatives, colorants and stabilizers.


As far as we are able to determine and based on the supplement facts given on the box, we believe that the Amir’s Kalonji Oil is prepared using Nigella sativa or black seeds only.

Why opt for Amir’s Kalonji Oil?

Kalonji oil dietary supplements are usually mixed in with a number of other herbs, spices and oils. This would normally be a good thing as the variety of ingredients would create a balanced mix but the pharmacological action of the various compounds in Nigella sativa or kalonji oil is not well understood. It contains many complex chemical compounds that are believed to work in a synergistic manner which may be disrupted or neutralized by the addition of other ingredients.

If you are looking for a pure or essential oil, then Amir’s Kalonji Oil should do the job nicely.


Using Amir’s Kalonji Oil helps you benefit from the wide range of healthful effects associated with Nigella sativa or black seed oil. Daily dosage in recommended doses should allow you to reduce allergies, improve respiration, improve the function of your gastrointestinal system, reduce inflammation which should help relieve arthritis and similar conditions while also preventing a wide variety of diseases thanks to the antimicrobial property of Amir’s Kalonji Oil and black seed oil in general.


There are no specific drawbacks to using Amir’s Kalonji Oil, however, our customers may wish to know that pure kalonji or black seed oil typically tastes unpleasant. This is commonly attributed to its bitterness or pungency but it may be mixed with other drinks or food to make it more easy to ingest.


Black seed oil has numerous healthful effects and Amir’s Kalonji Oil is one of the better options for those looking to purchase a pure version of this oil. It is available for a fairly low price in 1.01 fl Oz (30 ml), 2.03 fl Oz (60 ml) and 4.06 fl Oz (120 ml) size packs. If you are looking to try out the quality of this oil opt for the smallest size or if you are satisfied with it and depending on your requirements, try one of the bigger ones. We recommend Amir’s Kalonji Oil for anyone looking for a pure and natural herbal dietary supplement.

Manufactured By:
Amir International
Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Ingredients: 100% pure extract of Black Seed / Black Caraway / Kalonji / Nigella / Schwarzkomel / Habbat-U-Sauda / Carvi Hulle
Product Weight: 1.01 Fl OZ (30 ML)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 30.00 kg
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