24 x Maggi Chicken Flavored Halal Chicken Stock 21 Gram 24 Pack


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24 Pack Maggi Chicken Flavored Halal Chicken Stock 0.74 OZ

What is Maggi Chicken Cube?
Maggi Chicken Cube is the best and easy way to add mouthwatering flavor to your meal. Maggi Chicken Cube has fresh and natural ingredients in it with zero artificial flavor in it. Maggi Cubes are widely used in many countries due to their delicious taste.

It is full of natural ingredients which provides amazing and delicious taste to your every meal. It adds chicken flavor to every meal and gives you the taste of chicken even in vegetables. Dishes like curries, biryani and non-vegetarian dishes becomes tastier and more appetizing with Maggi Chicken Cube.

Importance of Maggi Chicken Cube:
Maggi Cubes, especially chicken cubes are widely used n India and Pakistan. Maggi Chicken Cube has mouthwatering taste only due to natural and authenticated ingredients in it. These ingredients includes vegetable oil, salt, sugar, yeast extract, caramel, spices and chicken extracts. There is no harmful or unauthenticated ingredients in it. Its taste makes you feel like a professional cook.

Is Maggi Chicken Cube Halal?
Maggi Chicken Cube is made in Egypt which is Muslim Country. Maggi Chicken Cube is 10% Halal and Halal Logo is also added on its pack for the satisfaction of Muslim Customers. Only authenticated Halal ingredients are used in it.

Benefits of Maggi Chicken Cube:

100% Halal product

Suitable for all dishes

Gives delicious Chicken Taste to your meal

Authenticated ingredients

Zero preservative

Ingredients: Iodized Salt, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Wheat Flour, Flavor Enhancers (Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate), Chicken Fat, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Onion, Spices (Turmeric, White Pepper, Coriander), Parsley, Caramel, Chicken Meat.

Directions to use:
Add 2 Chicken Cubes while cooking or in 1 quarter boiling water.

Manufactured By:

Country of Origin: Product of Egypt

Product Weight: 1.11 LB (504 Grams) = 0.74 OZ (21 Grams) Each

Quantity: 24 Pack x 2 Cubes Each = 48 Cubes

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 504.00 kg
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